See your meditation progress, structure your thoughts, gain more insights and stay consistent.

​Get The Meditation Diary.

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Meditate and stay consistent,
structure your thoughts,
gain more insight and see your progress.

​Get The Meditation Diary.

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The daily journal that makes meditation less abstract and more accessible.

So you develop a mindful routine day after day
and feel more fulfilled & positive.

Why a meditation diary

A few years ago, we did some research into meditation and understood it was exactly what we needed to feel more fulfilled and better cope with life's challenges.

​After several attempts to meditate daily, we were having big “on-and-off periods” and losing track of our progress... We realised that meditation is not easy to commit to because of its abstract nature and lack of "tangible results".

​We thought about a way to bring meditation back to the “physical world”, so we can visualise our achievements and stay motivated. The idea of creating a structured journal arose...

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About the features :

Structured templates

3 months of meditation templates that bring structure and guidance allowing you to get more from your practice.

Challenges & quotes

Weekly inspirational quotes and mindfulness challenges to anchor meditation in your daily life.

For all meditation types

Designed to work with all meditation practices and caters for every meditation levels.

High-quality paper

Crafted from high-quality cream paper (105 g/sqm, 100% recycled) and lay-flat binding for a very enjoyable writing experience.

What our Customers say:

Dual benefit:

Stay consistent

The Meditation Diary helps you to practice consistently via several mechanisms:

✚ First it allows you to to visualise your practice and your achievements;

✚ This leads to instant gratification and encourages you to meditate more.

​✚ ​It also uses the power of handwriting, which benefits are numerous (and backed by science). ​

✚ Finally it will become a "real life" reminder, away from today's technological world...

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Be more mindful

The Meditation Diary helps you to question yourself, so you get more insights and benefits from your practice.

​With a simple structured template it guides you towards self-awareness and gives you a better understanding:

✔︎ How do you feel ➜ turn your "autopilot" setting off

✔︎ Why you meditate ➜ know your intentions
✔︎ What benefits you get ➜ reinforce your motivation 

✔︎ How you are progressing ➜ reflect on your insights...

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​The science behind the diary :

Our meditation journal is the combination of 3 practices that are backed by science.



There are many benefits to meditating on a daily basis, and an increasing number of studies have demonstrated these positive effects!

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The power of journaling and handwriting is real. Taking the time to write with a pen is already a way to slow down and connect to the present moment...

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Daily habits

Happy & successful individuals have one main practice in common... They all have strong routines which allow them to get the best in everything they do!

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