Our journey

Our mission is simple:
Help everyone to look after their mental health via the combination of meditation & journaling.

We know how beneficial but also challenging these two practices are (we've experienced it!), that's why we developed a tool, The Meditation Diary, so you stick to your mindful routine and get more from it.

The story behind the Diary...

Our need: Feel more fulfilled…

It all started a few year ago…in Sydney, Australia.

We were working full time corporate / public sector jobs in the heart of the CBD, we were learning a lot but also experienced the stress and difficulties of finding a balance between work and lifestyle. The weeks were passing us by without knowing it, and we were loosing purpose in what we were doing…

Although we enjoyed our lives we felt the need to slow down, to take the time to actually appreciate what we have, to be more mindful and present in the moment. We wanted to feel more “fulfilled”.

This is when we started to do some research into meditation and understood it was exactly what we needed!

Our observation: It is hard to commit to meditation

After several attempts to create a meditation habit we came to the conclusion that it was a failure, having big “on-and-off periods” and losing track of our progress…

Yet we tried hard, using apps, guided meditation videos, reading books about all the great benefits that meditation could bring.

We were convinced that meditation could answer many of our needs (like being more in the present moment, fighting anxiety etc.) but there was still something missing that prevented us from meditating regularly.

Our problem: Meditation is abstract

Being very frustrated with not being able to commit to this daily practice, we tried to understand the deeper reasons of the situation.

As young active adults, with busy personal and professional lives, we grasped that the practice was especially hard for our generation which likes instant gratification and tangible results.

Hence because meditation remains in the abstract we were losing motivation, as we couldn’t visualize the achievement nor progress straight away…

Our solution: Create a “tangible meditation routine”

Having pinpointed our main obstacle, we then thought about a way to adapt meditation to our needs, bringing it back to the “physical world” without altering the practice itself.

This is how the idea of creating a “tangible meditation routine” arose: by using the power of handwriting through a physical journal, that helps to structure the practice and visualise the achievements and progress, we stay motivated and want to meditate more.

We worked for several weeks on a template and after personally using it and testing it on our friends and family we discovered some great results. We thought this could be useful for other people who struggle like we did and decided to expand the concept.

The Meditation Diary was thus born, designed to bring consistency, mindfulness and stay motivated.

Who are we?

Generation Y also called Millennials, we love travelling and lived in different countries including France and Australia before recently settling in Ireland, in the beautiful “Sunny South East”, where The Meditation Diary is now based.

Like everybody we went through various life challenges and found peace and fulfilment thanks to meditation & journaling. We created a method to get more from our practice and meditate daily, and are now on a mission to share it with others!

We also developed a real passion for self-care, self-development and stoicism... We love sharing about it on our social media, especially Instagram :D Follow-us there if you don’t already, you’ll find lot of inspirational and informative content!

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Enjoying meditating

"It's a very beautiful and easy to use journal. I've been very consistent thanks to it, thank you for creating it."
​Roisin V.

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"Received my diary this week and am delighted with it. At first glance, the cover is aesthetically lovely and the quality of the paper is amazing. Inside is a well structured diary with lots of excellent guidance notes on what to expect from it and how It works. A lot of thought has gone into the development of this diary. I’m really happy with it. 10/10"

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Very helpful

"I love it so far!
I've always tried to journal and I've never been able to stick to it, but the way this journal is set up makes journaling super easy and enjoyable :)"

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Great quality

"great quality and I can already see how this journal is helping me to shift my mindset and practice meditation on a daily basis"

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Perfect for my morning routine

"This diary has quickly become an indispensable part of my morning routine. Love the structure. It's not too little and not too much, just right."

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Great tool

"Got the diary 30 days ago....did not miss a day since. Really simple, really helpful, beautifully designed, and paper, print and cover are of high-quality. Also love the explanatory texts, clear and to the point."

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Like us, do you want to feel more fulfilled and become a better version of yourself?

Develop a strong and lasting meditation routine with our Diary, get more out of your practice and stay motivated.

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