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Do you want to help guide people toward a more mindful way of living, help members of your community be a more content version of themselves?

Are you a personal user and supporter of our product? Would you like to help others practicing meditation and build a strong mindfulness routine to get all the benefits from it?

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For each sale that you refer with your unique discount code, we will honour a percentage commission to thank you as trusted Partner. 
In addition, when you share beautiful and inspiring images and videos online, we will also be happy to feature you on our social media accounts (@themeditationdiary), website or newsletters.
Interested?! Please see the requirements below and contact us if you want to partner with us!  



What are the benefits of joining us?

It's free to join, you will be able to offer a 10% discount to your audience and receive 10% commission on every sale you refer with your Partner code.

With your active Partner account, you can also request a free product every 6 months.

It is also an opportunity to be featured on our social media platforms, blog, and newsletter, and you will have access to a very responsive Customer Support as well as early access to new product releases.


What are the requirements to become a Partner?

You are interested in meditation, mindfulness, self-improvement or wellness related content, and you enjoy talking about it in your social media, website, or podcast.

Ideally you have 1500+ followers on social media with an engaged audience and must be following @themeditationdiary.

Finally you have used The Meditation Diary or would love to start using it and share your meditation journey with your community.


Is there any content creation guidelines? 

You are totally free to create the content you like and that matches who you are and your personality!

This is actually what we'd love to see, how you appropriate your Diary and navigate through your meditation journey.

We know that a consistent practice of meditation is challenging (we've been there!) and so are totally open to honest feedback. 

The only thing we kindly ask is that you create at least one piece of unique and original content per month.

This content can include Instagram stories, feed post, Reels, IGTV.

It can also be blog post, Youtube video, Facebook post, podcast episode feature, or other.

When posting on Instragram, we kindly ask that you tag us @themeditationdiary and use the hashtag #themeditationdiary for tracking purposes.


    Do you want to join? 

    If you think you're matching our company values and the above requirements, drop us an email at with a little description of yourself, why you would like to promote our products and your social media details :-)

    Kindly allow 2-3 business days for a reply.

    Once approved, you will be given your very own discount code and resources to begin!


    Please note that:

    • We pay out every month within the first 5 working days directly to your PayPal account (currency: Euro) 
    • There is no payout for returned order (we have a 30 days return policy)
    • As a young company we have yet to develop "Partner dashboards" to directly track online sales and commissions. This is something we definitively want to develop to make your tracking easier and have full transparency! For the time being, we will send you a monthly report with all the sales done with your discount code
    • You must review, agree and sign our Partner Program Agreement


    If you have any questions or suggestions, don't hesitate to email us at

    We're looking forward to partnering with you!